MITSUBISHI FUSO Super Great 13.2/Self-loader/4-axle/with winch/Radio control/Shikoku body/Low mileage/Automatic slide Ayumi/Alum


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In addition, mats, door visors (loaded in the car), genuine audio, etc.
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☆special car☆

◎R5 year Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great Self Loader is in stock.

◎Vehicle type 2KG-FS70HZ NOX/PM compatible

◎Engine type 6R20 type 435PS IC-TB

◎Vehicle dimensions L11650 x W2490 x H3580mm

◎Gross vehicle weight 24990kg

◎Maximum loading capacity: 13,200 kg

◎Mileage 426km

◎Vehicle inspection period Until January 23, 2016

[Vehicle details]


◎Bed included


◎Left electric mirror

◎air bag

◎Skid prevention

◎Slope start assist device

◎Collision Mitigation Brake

◎Lane Departure Warning

◎Differential lock

◎auto light

◎Smart key/push start

◎genuine audio deck

◎ALCOA aluminum wheels (all wheels)

◎Aluminum fuel tank 300L

[High quality details]

◎Made by Shikoku Auto Body

◎model A1S

◎year 2022.11

◎Floor surface of loading platform: wood board & iron plate upholstery

◎Inner dimensions of cargo bed: L8770×W2460mm

◎Ground clearance 1002mm

◎With radio control

◎With winch

◎With au

[In-vehicle parts]

◎genuine door visor

◎Genuine plated door mirror cover

◎genuine rear bumper

◎genuine curtain

◎Many exterior plated parts

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About This

Type Self safety loader
Division Large-scale Model
Engine model 6R20 Load Capacity 13,200kg
Year 2023 Mileage 426km
Exhaust 10,670cc Total Weight of Vehicle 24,990kg
Fuel Diesel height of the bed Low Deck
Size of Vehicle 1,165cm × 249cm × 358cm VIN Number FS70HZ-540182
Option Jack Adhering,Autmatic Loading bridges Adhering,Radio AM/FM,Cab shape With Sleeping area,Cab width overall Standard,Turbo Adhering,Maximum output 435PS,
equipment manufacture shikoku syatai equipment manufacture year type
equipment manufacture model Size of equipment 877cm × 246cm × 100cm
Repaired None NOX.PM Agreement

Point Kagawa prefecture truck purchase,Kagawa Prefecture Truck Sales,registered unused car