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2020 MITSUBISHI FUSO Canter Rear dump Unused vehicle registered for 3t dump

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☆Special used car☆
◎R2 year Mitsubishi Canter Dump receipt.
◎Vehicle model 2PG-FBA60 NOX/PM compliant
◎Engine type 4P10 IC-TB
◎Vehicle dimensions L4690×W1690×H1980mm
◎Gross vehicle weight 5925kg
◎Maximum load capacity 3000kg
◎Distance traveled 150km
◎Vehicle inspection period Until March 30, 2014
◎Ad blue car

◎Left digital mirror
◎AM/FM radio
◎Lane departure warning device
◎skid prevention function

◎Far East Development Dump
◎Model D02-31
◎Inside dimensions of loading platform L3040×W1590mm
◎Height 36cm


About This

Type Dump Rear dump Division(区分) Small size
Model Engine model(エンジン型式) 4P10
Load Capacity 3,000kg Year 2020
Mileage 150km Transmission 5MT instrument panel
Displacement 2,990cc Total Weight of Vehicle 5925kg
Fuel Diesel Size of Vehicle 469cm × 169cm × 198cm
height of the bed VIN Number FBA60-581879
Option Radio AM/FM,Turbo Adhering,

equipment manufacture Uncertainy equipment manufacture year type
equipment manufacture model DD02-31 Size of equipment 304cm × 159cm × -

Repaired None Maintenance
NOX.PM Agreement    
Point Selected used car,Far East development dump,Lane departure warning device